Don’t Watch Stupid TV or Movies

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

“Jesus said to them: “If ​YOU​ were blind, ​YOU​ would have no sin. But now ​YOU​ say, ‘We see.’ YOUR ​sin remains” (John 9:41).

It is so easy to sin with your eyes…

Movies: The entertainment of this world is mostly ugly and defiled and has led so many people off the path of biblical cleanliness. Wake Up. If you watch R rated (R=Restricted for adults only) movies then you are a faker Christian. Shame on you. The sex and violence of R rated movies burn your consciousness and rip you away from your Holy Father. What about PG-13 (Parental Guidance required for kids under 13) movies? Do you think that 50% less violence or sex or inappropriate innuendos make it OK for you to watch? Your conscious is already burned and you are already ripped away from your Holy Father in heaven.

PG and G (Parental Guidance and General) rated movies can be just as bad, and once you have a Yahweh trained conscious, you will have a hard time watching any movies or TV shows available through Satan’s film and TV industry.

What you probably don’t see, because your eyes are not trained to see the truth, is that a constantly increasing number of kid’s movies teach you that witchcraft and spiritualism is cool. These practices are strictly forbidden in the scriptures. Friendly ghosts and vampires and materialism and gossip and homosexuality have become cool.

Scary movies no longer scare people because their hearts are so calloused. Most of the Romance movies now a day contain fornication (premarital or extramarital sex) which the scriptures forbid and you think it was a sweet and romantic movie.

Not all movies are bad.  Many movies are wonderfully fun or educational or entertaining.  A true Christian has to be very deliberate about guarding their heart and eyes and conscious when watching movies.

Television is an amazing source of filth and evil. Faker Christians love to watch Satan’s television. Even if you are watching something good and clean it won’t surprise anyone if the first commercial is for condoms, beer, herpes medicine, a sexually explicit soap opera, or a shampoo brand demonstrating their product with half naked models. How sad it is that men are so sinful and so easily distracted by skin. The effects of men and their sexual sin is evident the second you turn on the television. Satan wants to place before you anything he can to pull you away from Yahweh. A real Christian has to be very deliberate about guarding their heart and eyes and conscious when watching TV.

True Christians want to honor God, even at the expense of not being “cool” or “in.” True Christians want to honor God by rejecting all kind of unwholesome entertainment, abhorring what is wicked and consistently turning away from what is bad.