Taste and see that God is Good

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply Wisdom.com“Taste and See that Yahweh is good” (Psalm 34:8).

 This is such a nice scripture with so many applications.  I like Psalms 34:8 because it reminds us of tastes and the enjoyment we get from food. Yahweh lovingly designed us with the ability to differentiate so many flavors and to enjoy the vast spectrum of herbs and spices and fruits and vegies and…  My wife and I frequently include this scripture on thank you cards or invitations to dine at our house.

I also love this scripture because Yahweh is good.  Actually, He is amazing and wonderful and loving and merciful….but for the sake of further analyzing this scripture let’s summarize Him as “good.” If you never tasted YHWH or life in accordance with His principles or commandments, then you are really missing out on the yummy life, the good life.  Just like an unknown food, so many people refuse to eat or try living a Christian life. But those who do get a taste of the love and peace associated with living an obedient life which honors Yahweh instantly know that it is good.  May you too taste and see that a life in accordance with Yahweh’s ways is, in fact, good.