Are Professional Sports Evil?


Are Professional Sports Evil?

Sports can be fun but they can quickly become a huge distractor which takes you away from the more important priorities. In and of themselves, athletics and sports aren’t bad. But too much of anything is almost always bad. It is such a shame that most men in Europe and the Americas know every statistic for their favorite football player or golfer but they don’t have 3 scriptures memorized. Obviously these people are faker Christians. They go to church and claim to be Christians but on the inside they slap Yahweh in the face by knowing more about their immoral, atheist sports hero than they do about any character in the bible.

Sports clothing is now tighter and more revealing than ever. What happened to Christian modesty and embarrassment? It is sad that men are so sinful that they have found a way to incorporate half naked women into every sporting event.

Go to a professional sports event and you can feel the collective energy of ignorant men worshiping the heroes of their soon to be forgotten lives. If only they would direct 10% of the passion they have for their favorite team towards learning more about and honoring their Grand Creator. 

Too often people work for hours every day just to get that perfect physique to get attention or maintain self-esteem. This is wrong. Yes, our bodies do require physical strength and health. As we get older we must be very deliberate about taking care of our bodies. We must spend a few hours a week, not each day, doing some type of physical activity. We must have balance.

Please stop playing excessive amounts of sports and worshiping your sports teams and leaders.  Instead, seek the more important things. (Philippians 1:10)  That YOU may make sure of the more important things, so that YOU may be flawless and not be stumbling others up to the day of Christ.