Politicians are not Leaders


Politicians are not Leaders

On Election Day, I thought it would be appropriate to take a few minutes to state the obvious and to explain why our hope can’t be placed in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but in the Kingdom of God.

If you vote for Donald you are silly. Donald will not solve the problems of the world.  The only hope for the world is God’s Kingdom.

If you vote for Hillary you also silly. Hillary will not solve the problems of the world.  The only hope for the world is God’s Kingdom.

Regardless of who wins the election, the US Government’s future is despondent because it is run by politicians, not leaders.

Make no mistake about it.  Politicians politicize.  Leaders lead.

A leader steers the group and takes them in a common direction.  A politician promotes himself and does what it takes to keep his constituents happy.

Appeasement: If you care about making your constituents happy then providing for their long term welfare then you are going to create a government that caters to spoiled children and makes bad decisions. Imagine a good parent who spends a lot of time teaching their teenage kids disciplines like being on time, showing manners, making good grades, keeping a budget.  That parent is a leader.  Now imagine another parent who lets their kids decide what to do.  These kids makes bad grades, eats lucky charms and macaroni and cheese all day long, are always late, play video games, are pregnant teenagers, and are going to grow up to be losers.  The household of the Leader is much healthier than the household of the Politician.

Campaigning:   Campaigning requires promoting oneself and catering to voters by telling them what they want to hear. No honorable man worthy of being a government leader would ever promote himself so aggressively.  Remember that Jesus said “the first will be last and the last first.”

Fluff and Promises: There is so much fluff in modern day campaigning and so much of this fluff is never acted upon.  No honorable man would spend so much words to say something with such little meaning. “Let your yes be yes and your no, no.” And no man of honor would say yes to get a vote then renege on his promise. “thou shall not lie.”

Ridicule: Being on the campaign trail subjects the campaigner to real or made up ridicule and allegations of scandal. No honorable man would ever subject himself, let alone his wife and family to the volumes of ridicule and allegations which everyone accepts as commonplace in modern day campaigns. “No man ever loved his wife and hated himself.”

Politicians don’t lead, they politicize. And a truly honorable leader could never be a Politician and politicize.  This is one major reason why modern governments are so dysfunctional and why true Christians are not political and must place their hope for the Kingdom of God… “May your kingdom come, may Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”