True Christians Are Recognized by Love

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves” (John 13:35).

Jesus tells us that true Christians are recognized by their love. This is a wonderful scripture because it reminds us that the most important quality of a Christian must be love. We must have love, give love, and be recognized by love.

I must admit that the overall tone of this Devotional is aggressive, perhaps even negative.  But this is because I love Yahweh and am so sad to see how traditions of men have slipped into the church and have pulled so many away from the truth.

Ezekiel 9 prophecies about how in the final times men will be sad, negative, and even sigh at the status of the world.  My tone is just one example of this prophecy coming true in our lifetime.

Please don’t forget that while we can be angry at hypocrisy and towards false traditions and doctrines which disrespect our loving Father, Yahweh, we must still love our neighbor. True Christians are known by their love.