Eating Disorders

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

“But pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking and anxieties of life…” (Luke 21:34).

If our bodies are temples of Yahweh’s power and we want to honor Him with our bodies, then we must properly use food. Yahweh loves food. Look at his generous creation. We are so blessed with yummy fruits and vegetables, and herbs, and meats. Yahweh’s imagination and generosity is unending.  Psalm 34:8 implores us to “taste and see that Yahweh is good.” Jesus loved food.  He always talked about figs, and wine, mustard seeds, fish. After his resurrection, Jesus even made barbeque fish for his disciples (John 21:9). Yet, too much or too little of anything can quickly become bad. And so now we must talk about obesity and eating disorders.

If you are so overweight that your health is in danger because you uncontrollably consume unhealthy food and beverages, then you are hurting your temple of your body. You are not investing your talents like a good servant but are wasting the investment that Yahweh has made in you. Think of the millions of people with real handicaps who would love to have a healthy body with working limbs. And here you are with a normal, healthy body that has been so polluted that you are now dysfunctional. This is a sin. It is also possible that you feel bad about being overweight, and so you relieve your guilt by eating a lot of food, which feels good, only to make the problem worse. Food and guilt becomes a downward spiraling circle. You must prayerfully break this downward circle and let your body heal and become healthy. Don’t squander the gift Yahweh has given you.

Not-eating is just as sinful. Being so worried about being skinny or fit has made so many people hurt their own bodies. Throwing up food or starving yourself or taking water pills or laxatives in order to become or remain skinny is a sin. Don’t hurt your bodies like that. What a shock it would be if when you looked into the mirror what you saw was a reflection of your heart, not what the world sees. Your heart is the part of your body you need to make and keep beautiful. So please make your heart beautiful.

Do you honor Yahweh by taking good care of your body?