Timeline of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus at Passover / Easter

Timeline of Jesus' Death at Passover by Apply Wisdom

Timeline of Jesus’ Death at Passover by Apply Wisdom

  1. God, whose name is Yahweh, gave man the day.  A day started at sunset and ended at sunset.
  2. Time is relative to the hour of the day after the sunrise.  For example the “3rd hour” is the 3rd hour after the sunrise. (If the sunrise is at 0600, the 3rd hour is 0900)
  3. The first day of the new moon was the first day of the month. (This makes the calendar self- correcting)
  4. Yahweh is the only true God and He says never to even mention the names of false gods (Exodus 23:13). Yet the Catholic Church rewrote the calendar in October 1582 and named all the days of the week after false gods.
  5. A very special woman anointed the head of Jesus to prepare him for his burial (Mark 14:3-9)
  6. The last supper was eaten during 1st hour after sunset on the 14th Day of Nissan.  Many call it the “Last Supper” but Jesus called it the Passover. Jesus tells us that the broken bread and wine are symbols of his sacrifice and the new covenant (Matthew 26:26-30).
  7.  Jesus prays in Gethsemane during the period of darkness (Luke 22:42-44), then is arrested and has a trial before the Jewish leaders (Luke 22:66-71). He is beaten, laughed at, and mocked. Pilot sentences him to death (Luke 23:13-25).
  8. Jesus dies for our sins as the ultimate Passover lamb and is the last sacrifice accepted by God (Matthew 27:49-50).
  9. Jesus is buried with guards guarding the door (Mark 15:40-46).
  10. The Sabbath begins so Jews had to stay at home.  Then they had to wait to leave the house until after the sunrise the next morning.
  11. Mary (the mother of Jesus), Mary Madelene, and Salome go at first light to find the tomb empty (Mark 16:1-7).  Jesus is alive and resurrected. Jesus then begins to appear to over 500 people (1 Corinthian 15:3-8) before going to be at the right hand of his Father, Yahweh (Mark 16:19).
  12. Easter is named after a false fertility goddess Estre and is celebrated on Sunday, a day named after the nonexistent sun god.
  13. Jesus died on Passover, not Easter. The Passover is the 14th day of Nissan, regardless of the day of the week (meaning regardless of being the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd …day of the week)
  14. Yahweh tells us to celebrate the Passover forever (Exodus 12:24-27). He did not give the catholic church permission to ignore the Passover to celebrate Easter on the wrong day.