Daily Words of Wisdom

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply Wisdom.com

By wisdom a household will be built up, and by discernment it will prove firmly established. And by knowledge will the interior rooms be filled with all precious and pleasant things of value(Proverbs 24:3-4).  

Greetings from Apply Wisdom.com.  We hope and pray that you will build up your house (family) with wisdom from above.

The bible is the ultimate source of wisdom and we hope that you read it, study it, and live in accordance with it. Our goal is that someday soon you will stop reading what we at Apply Wisdom.com have to say and only seek wisdom directly from the bible.  But until then, we are happy to keep pointing you towards God and to help you to apply His loving and life-changing wisdom.

The Daily Words of Wisdom (WOW) series is designed to give you a daily, consumable, dose of Biblical Wisdom to help you be disciplined, discern the more important spiritual matters of the world, gain understanding, insight, righteousness, shrewdness, knowledge, and the ability to think for yourself.