Sins Have Consequences

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

Your own errors have prevented these things from coming; Your own sins have deprived you of what is good” (Jeremiah 5:25).

Obedience to Biblical truth is important because the consequences of your mistakes and sins may prevent you from receiving what is good.

If you sin, you will keep yourself from closeness with Yahweh. Of course, you can genuinely repent and restore a good relationship with God.  But many times, you will still have to suffer the earthly consequences of your bad decisions.

A man who betrays his wife may repent and be restored to a good relationship with God.  But his marriage may be ruined, he may have to live with a sexually transmitted disease, he will be financially responsible for his ex-wife, and he may have to father an unwanted child for the rest of his life.

There are consequences to sin and these consequences usually keep people from enjoying what is good.