Be Careful not to Associate with Bad People

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply“I have not sat with men of untruth; And with those who hide what they are I do not come in. I have hated the congregation of evildoers, And with the wicked ones I do not sit” (Psalm 26:4-5).

The bible gives us plenty of good advice concerning friendships, partnerships and with whom we should or shouldn’t spend time. Today’s scripture gives us a good example set by King David who did not become friends with “men of untruth,” men who “hide what they are,” “evildoers,” and “wicked ones.” For obvious reasons these men are not the kind of associates we want for ourselves.  And we can be assured that our loving Father Yahweh would not want us to waste our time with these types of people.
If you want to be wise and live in accordance with biblical principles then you can follow King David’s example in this scripture by not associating with evil or wicked people. You should spend time with those who love God and want to encourage you to be more like His son, Jesus.