Jesus has Astonishing Wisdom and Authority

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

Now when Jesus finished these sayings, the effect was that the crowds were astounded at his way of teaching; for he was teaching them as a person having authority, and not as their scribes(Matthew 7:28-29).  

Astonishing Wisdom: When was the last time you were astonished?  Jesus wisdom is astonishing and we would all be happier and more at peace if we followed his life changing wisdom. Let us commit to listening to and obeying what Jesus says.

Teaches with Authority: It is always impressive to listen to someone who is an absolute subject matter expert, knowing every single facet and detail of His subject. Jesus was that way about life. His father created life and as the first born of creation, Jesus know doubt taught with astonishing wisdom and authority. In contrast to the scribes of ancient Israel who merely echoed and parroted the traditions of their Jewish leaders, Jesus spoke the very words and principles of our sovereign God Yahweh. Instead of following the false traditions of your modern catholic or evangelical church leaders, perhaps you should follow and apply the authoritative wisdom of Biblical truth.