Drink, but don’t Misuse Alcohol

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply Wisdom.com 

All my Baptists associates imply that drinking alcohol is a reprehensible sin despite the fact that the bible makes countless references to the blessings of drinking wine. Jesus was called “gluttonous” and “given to drinking wine” (Matthew 11:19) so we can assume that he drank. We know that Jesus was sinless so drinking wine is not a sin. Self-righteous religious people of his times were only trying to slander him. In John 2: 1-11 we see at the marriage feast that Jesus did not just change water into wine, he changed it into “fine wine.” This means Jesus knew the difference between quality and worthless wine.

Drunkenness is a sin. This is obvious. Let’s look at the beginning of Isaiah for some strong scriptures about how Yahweh sees drunkenness. Yahweh warns us not to become drunks. (Isaiah 5:11) Woe to those who are getting up early in the morning that they may seek just intoxicating liquor, who are lingering till late in the evening darkness so that wine itself inflames them!

 Yahweh warns us not to take pride in drinking too much. (Isaiah 5:22) Woe to those who are mighty in drinking wine, and to the men with vital energy for mixing intoxicating liquor. It is interesting how Yahweh uses the expression men with vital energy for mixing intoxicating liquor. That, among many things, is a reference to bar tenders. And of course that makes sense, because no true Christian would waste his life with a job where he served liquor to people (sad drunks at the local pub or glamorous movie stars at the en-vogue club) for money. Shame on you if you are a bar tender or drink too much or are a drunk or brag about your drinking tolerance or your ability to mix liquors. Those jobs and characteristics do not honor Yahweh.