The Jews Abandoned Yahweh

Daily "Words of Wisdom" from Apply

Look! YOUR ​house is abandoned to ​YOU” (Matthew 23:38).

Yahweh has stopped blessing the Hebrews.

“Political correctness” in the modern church teaches people that the Jews are God’s people so who cares that they missed Jesus’s coming. We must politically support the nation of Israel.

Biblical Truth tells us that Yahweh has abandoned the Israelites and has offered his hand to the obedient ones of the nations who want to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

It is said that the Hebrews are Yahweh’s people. Jesus, himself, was a Hebrew. True, Yahweh made many covenants with the Jews. But sadly, the Hebrews were disobedient and left Yahweh. As a consequence of their disobedience, Yahweh disciplined them, as a loving Father, in an effort to bring them back into obedience and a right relationship. Yet, the Hebrews left Yahweh. Finally, Jesus was sent to model obedience and walking with Yahweh, and to be the final blood sacrifice, ending sacrifices for all time. After Jesus’s sacrifice, Yahweh opened up the promises of the Kingdom of God to those right hearted ones from any nation.

The Jews do not have Yahweh’s favor any more. If you are a Jew and want to have the favor and love of your Creator, then you must become a true Christian and live a life obedient to biblical principles.

Yahweh cut off Judah.  (2 Kings 23:27)  But Yahweh  said: “Judah, too, I shall remove from my sight, just as I have removed Israel; and I shall certainly reject this city that I have chosen, even Jerusalem, and the house of which I have said, ‘My name will continue there.’”